24. mart 2019


Serbia is an internationally recognized leader
in business reforms and a proven investment
location in the South Eastern Europe that off ers:

* highly capable intellectual capital and customs
free access to 15% of the world market

* educated and professional labour force

* the opportunity of exporting to a 1 billion people
market without paying any customs duties

* a perfect location for a company to effi ciently
serve its EU, SEE or Middle Eastern customers.


“Serbia is forecast to make the largest
improvement in the business environment in the
region of Eastern Europe between 2009 and 2013.
Out of 16 countries included in the research, Serbia
will be leading the region in terms of business
reforms by a wide margin.”

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit



Since year 2001,
Serbia has attracted over
$20 billion of inward
foreign direct investment.







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